The Plan - Exercise

The benefits of regular exercise

Regular exercise improves our quality of life and is one of the keys to healthy skin. Exercise promotes better circulation, which in turn makes the skin look radiant and glowing. Blood carries oxygen and nutrients throughout the body, including to our skin. By increasing blood flow, exercise will oxygenate and nourish our skin cells to keep them vital. When we increase blood flow, wastes are carried away cleansing our organism from unwanted debris that may cause diseases and development of skin problems. Regular exercise will decrease stress levels which lowers the probability of developing skin allergies and illnesses.


Exercise helps to calm our minds, burn calories, and strengthens the body and muscles. Most importantly exercise has the power to boost our appearance. Breathing and stretching help improve blood flow, which are essential to a healthy skin giving our complexion a youthful look and a rosy glow. Exercises help to eliminate toxins from the body by cleansing our systems, improving the appearance of cellulite, improving our balance, toning our muscles, aiding the digestive system. A workout also helps to lower stress, balance our hormones, making us feel lighter and happier, while increasing our energy by oxygenating and rejuvenating our body as a whole.

Keep your mind sharp

As we age it is important to keep the mind sharp. Stress makes our mind age faster than we would like, that's why it is important to keep our minds busy with good things. Try learning a new activity, trying different routes to destination, take a course to acquire new information, prioritize our tasks to reduce stress, get enough hours of sleep, and challenge our taste buds with new and interesting foods.

Keep a journal

Making a to-do list of things we have to do each day helps to reduce anxiety and stress. It is a useful way of reducing cortisol levels in the body, which is also responsible for blocking weight loss. We should make a list of things that we are grateful for and things we wish to do in the future, it will keep us motivated and focused. When we practice gratitude, we also improve our sleep and relationships. Practicing gratitude also makes us feel happier and it shields us from negativity.

Spread happiness

Happiness is contagious and when we are surround by happy people we automatically change our mood, feel lighter and peaceful. Feeling happy makes our bodies relax and releases serotonin which is responsible for the good feelings. Having a positive attitude towards life helps us to get organized. Helping others also influences our happiness in a positive way. Happiness brings many health benefits like boosting our immune system, helping to combat stress, lengthen our life spam, and may reduce the intensity of pain.

Positive thoughts

It is difficult to feel positive 100% of the time and negative self-talk does not help either. We all have to deal with daily errands and the unexpected issues that arise. Sometimes we see the negative side of things instead of positive. First, it is important to understand what positive thinking is and practice it daily. Positive thinking means understanding the situations that arises and maintain a positive attitude towards each situation while finding a practical solution to deal with issues. Some negative thoughts sometimes arise from misconceptions and lack of information.

Time for renewal

We tend to collect items that over many years only occupy space in our homes and never get used. We should find those items that are not useful to us, don't fit anymore, or are out of fashion and give to someone that might need them. Decluttering is important for self-care. Clearing the clutter can have a very positive impact on overall health, happiness and well-being.


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